Ms. Juliana Krobea Asante
Assistant Head (Administration)

Those who would win success must be courageous and hopeful. They should cultivate not only the passive but the active virtues. Whiles they are to give the soft answer that turns away wrath, they must possess the courage of a hero to resist evil.

Never think that you have learned enough, and you may relax your efforts. The cultivated mind is the measure of a man. Youth education should continue during your lifetime, every day you should be learning and putting knowledge gained to practical use. Whatever your work, do it with exactness, with diligence and overcome the inclination to seek an easy task.

Man can shape circumstances, but circumstances should not be allowed to shape man. Men of power are those who have been opposed, baffled and thwarted, therefore seize upon circumstances as instruments by which to work and you would develop positive virtues.