Profile 0f OKESS ICT Department

This profile will highlight a briefly

  • History of the department
  • Mission statement
  • Vision of the department
  • Achievements
  • Needs/Request


The Department above mentioned was adopted in the year 2002 by a private individual, a professor from Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology (KNUST). The event was on contract base. He provided 70 chairs and 35 tables. He paid Teachers on his income because it was not a core subject. Students who liked the subject had to pay to attend ICT lessons, when OKESS was running a satellite campus.

It was later separated from The Science Department when it was made a core subject by the new Educational Reform.


The Department has nine teachers specialized and capable in handling the department in both teaching and learning.


  • Our mission is to Teach Students to be excellent in acquiring good knowledge in academic laurels in terms of modern technology.


The view of the OKESS Information and Communication Technology is to enhance and uplift the image of the school onto a higher pedestal.


  • The Department could take credit to have train more students (interns) from various universities to be professionals not in teaching alone, but could be separated into other department and ministries.
  • This means OKESS ICT has trained professionals.
  • As a united Department, for times teachers have been trained individually to be experts on one bases till reports an continuous Assess forms.
  • The prime one was to assembly all teacher of OKESS at the ICT LAB for good knowledge in it. So in the absence of any, it expects  one could manipulate the computer even the modern smart phone.


  • Technician-Expert in maintaining the computers constantly because  teachers cannot teach and maintain the computers at the same time.
  • That, the department needs more Desktop Computers.
  • That, laptop computers at the new laboratory seemed to be inadequate.
  • Smart board for teaching and learning


  • We have observed that students steal our peripherals, owing to the fact that some of them are portably sizeable.
  • That old students do neglect the department, we need help from them especially hardware component.


  • That administration takes it as a responsibility to instruct students not to send bags to the ICT laboratory.
  • That, Elective ICT must be introduced in the school. There are competent and qualified ict staff who can rise up to the task efficiently



(Head Of Department)