The Literary Group

As the slogan goes ‘We inform, educate and entertain’ through drama, choreography, poetry and singing. We the executives of the 2013/2014 academic year have tried our maximum best to raise the name of L. G high through the help of our patroness.

We are happy to report to all Ahenemma worldwide that we have been able to achieve almost all targets we set as executives. Our aim to organize a Drama festival and fund raising night became a reality and not a dream any longer. Funds were raised to get certain costumes that the group need badly.

Majority of our members took part in the drama dubbed ‘The African Stage 2013’ organized by the Ashanti Regional Literary Group (A.R.L.G) during the Ashanti Regional Student Representative Council congress.

It is our hope that that next crop of executive will continue with the good work and even do better. God bless the L. G, OKESS.

Sylla Aminu Mustapha (President)