Entertainment Committee Report

With inequity and enthusiasm we accepted the ideology of backing entertainment in OKESS. It is not an exaggeration when we say students of OKESS for entertainment with all their might. Most of the time, some entertainment programs need decoration and a perfect organization to make a program a success. These were the lectures we were given by our predecessors before we started our work as the entertainment committee on the land of Ahenemma.

Little did we know that there were going to be challenges on our way. Fifteen competent students were chosen to start the work. It reached a time that the committee had to a standstill. However, with zeal, we sailed through successfully. Our first program was jams which was a blast. Some programs organized were talent hunt, Dramafest, Gift night, Request night and video shows,

Moreover, we sometimes had to go round calling people when it was time for entertainment. As all fingers are not the same sometimes we have to lure people before they could sit down. The wearing of unprescribed attires was one major problem that always had to be dealt with. Most students always choose to wear attires that suit them rejecting the prescribed ones. With one accord we were able to succeed.

Jeezy: Guys, in fact gradually we have made it.

Turkson: Hahaha, I don’t what to say oo guys.

Rosemond: Hmmm! Ibi God oo!

Joycelyn: You know, it has been a hectic journey. But, hey, cheer up. We have come to the end of the tunnel. We can now see light.

 Dueces: Shie boyz abrԑ oo!

Love: Easy Babe. Bↄwo nsa mu ma me.

Redo: Let’s not blow our own trumpet, guys.

Ellen & Flipboy: We remember the difficulty we go through in arranging the place.

Esther & Cecilia: You dey bless us….

Janet & Beacom: Hurraaaay!

Isaac & Comfort: God, we give you praise.

Faculty & Bach kid: Sometimes it has to be sang as “Just keep doing what you are doing and don’t watch anybody.

Ajipta, Justice &  Rich boy: Guyz, let’s pull the trigger…..

PrinZ & Ahenfie: itz tym 2 sign out!


  1. Dueces (Main)
  2. Yankees Turkson (Deputy)
  3. Esther Awuche (Main)
  4. Cecilia (Deputy)