Guidance & Counseling


The mission and vision of OKESS Guidance and Counseling Department is embedded in that of the school which is, to ensure that every student will graduate with the plan for the future. The department is therefore committed to this system of support to ensure this outcome.

The counselor believes that, a quality comprehensive Guidance and Counseling program is an integral part of the holistic educational process. Utilizing the school comprehensive Guidance and Counseling program, the counselor with his team systematically and actively support all students in acquisition of skills necessary to demonstrate competencies in all areas of life. By acquiring this competencies, OKESS students will be empowered to learn, work hard and also learn to live now in the future in an increasingly diverse society. Our primary Guidance and Counseling focus is on:

  1. Academic
  2. Education Progression.
  3. Career /vocational choice.
  4. Social /Personal issues.
  5. Orientation services for fresh students and school prefects.

Mr. Samuel Kwaku Sonka

(Guidance and Counseling Coordinator)