Anokye House Report

“Wake; Wake; Golden house, it is time. Please let us wake up and start this bright Saturday because the school can’t run without us. One, two, three….of we go.” That’s what we do from time to time as we enjoyed our stay in Asikafoↄ house.

Anokye house has been the most famous house since we assumed power as leaders of the house. The sikadwa Kofi’s house as you all know has been the house with the most intelligent students. We won the recent inter – house quiz.

When it comes to sports, we are second to none. We have won trophies five consecutive times. With discipline and dedication, the best student of the year 2013 WASSCE came from Anokye House. Good moral standards have kept us to this level with Madam Patience Agbo as the house mistress and Honourable Oheneaku being the most famous house master on campus.

Anyway back to business, the house really consist of ‘gurus’. We have the hottest girls and boys namely Angela (Ridi gal), Comfort (Boosu), Alice (faculty), Elizabeth (Alonso), Aluta, Ajibta, Back kid, KD, Philip, Thomas and George.

Oh, not forgetting the most decent and well behaved students namely: Jennifer, Harriet, Prince, Samuel and Emmanuel. Eeei, the most fashionable Pearl Ansu and Turkson are also members of the golden house. Friends that last forever are Ajibta and Konadu.

As we hand over the mantle to our incoming prefects we won’t  forget our hilarious moments in the house such as the most comic house, our mistress and our house master jubilating with us after our victory in the inter house athletics. Soon we will be gone but we won’t forget these golden moments.

Long live OKESS.

Long live Ahenemma.

Long live Asikafoↄ.


  1. Samuel Boateng (Boys’ main)
  2. Osei George (Boys’ Assistant)
  3. Nana Konadu Amoako (Girls’ main)
  4. Dapaah Mavis (Girls’ Assistant)