Business Club


As the dry leaves wither and tall so do new ones sprout and grow up. Also, the biblical book also says that ‘There is time for everything’. A new tenure of office was handed over to us and the baton of competent leadership which was held by honorable Godbless  Opoku  (the 2015/2016 Academic year president of the business club) and his team.

We swore our oath of allegiance and pledged to continue the good works of our predecessors. As Napoleon Hill once said, “The secret in getting things done is doing it now”. “The journey of good work starts now not tomorrow, procrastination is the enemy and the enemy of thief of time” was what we always told ourselves.

We commenced our tall list of good works with a grand general meeting putting across topical issues like the termly payment of club dues which keeps the club gong, the importance of business as a course which has been left unattended to. Not long a time after the meeting, we organized a week packed celebration for the business studying populace of OKESS with general cleaning along the width and breadth of the school, career opportunity seminars, entertainment and we crowned it with an excursion to industrial areas and sites which has aided us all in the choosing of beneficial career jobs.

The challenges came in a long the way but with the aid from our course tutors and support from the school heads especially our patron, Madam Theresah Sasu Ampong (Assistant Headmistress, Domestic), all was settled harmoniously and judiciously.

The club also boasts of knowledge heads who leads the school in certain sectors and also we are all equally good if not the best students, among the best students in the school.

Business as a course has been underrated among many people, I might not say that it is good but there is a school of thought that “In the absence of the plenty, the few are always obliged”.  So let them underrate us while we get employment and they are left unemployed. The difference between the ordinary man and the extra ordinary man is that little “extra”