History Student Society

The history society of OKESS was born on Friday, 28th June 2013. HISA “We Know Our Past In A Rational Way”. The club was to be inaugurated in the past year but it was not possible due to some factors beyond our control. We the 2013/14 batch have try all our best to raise the club as Sundiata Keita built ancient Mali.it is our hope that next batches to come will continue to build the club as Mansa Kankam Musa finished the establishment of ancient Mali.

The major aim for the club is that we want history as subject to be prominence in the school. We want students to cherish history as a subject with high esteem. Also to help students know their past as well. The programmes for our meetings are internal and external quiz, games, lessons and discussions about our past. The programmes have helped to raise HISA among the best club on campus.

Also, we have decided to emark on an excursion every term as Mansa Kankam Musa visited Mecca in 1324AD. These have been the motives for the establishment of the club. As there is a leader in every institution, so does HISA. As we have a leader herodostus as father of history, so as we have Mr. George Menka (Ibn Baattuta) and Rexford Boateng (levels) as our patrons.so far, we have almost three hundred and fifty (350) students as members of the club.

It is our fervent hope that the club should develop well and with GOD being our Master Saviour, we shall succeed. Amen.

Long live HISA

Long live Ahenemma

Long live Ghana



President: Amoaratwum O. Gideon

Vice-President: Yeboah Benedicta

General Secretary: oti Sarpong Emmanuel

Finanacial Secretary:

  1. Yeboah Felix
  2. Adwoa F Benson


  1. Afoakwah Emmanuella
  2. Appiah love
  3. Adjei M. Richard
  4. Osei Asempa Prince