Prempeh House Report

Life is like a dice; it shows different faces when tossed each time. Leadership is an undeniable fragment of this fact of life. We took over a new phase of leadership from our predecessors and ever since proved spectacular in our entire endeavors as house prefects of Prempeh House.

If anyone told us the work of a house prefect would be a smooth sailing one at the time power was handed over to use, we would have not believed it but it has not been a smooth sailing one as it seemed.

As our motto says ‘Disciple and Hard work’ with this match word we have been able to start and end our tenure successfully. It was our term of office that sow the number of boys and girls in the house sky rocket from 195 to 390 due to the addition of the floor to the existing four. This meant that extra work had to be done but due to the assistance of our overseers we were able to handle affairs smoothly. Sanitation in both boys and girls dormitories, bathrooms and surroundings were improved. General discipline in the house was also improved.

The man who wants to succeed must expect to be criticized. Fellow students always judge us by saying Prempeh House can never hold first position on AHENEMMA campus. But in terms of general competition we place first in the inter-house inspection and sporting competitions. This was due to the hard work of our sports team.

Jeezy: Jack before, to call a spade a spade, it has been easy at all.

Before: Boi, you know that gradually, gradually we have done it to perfection and I know every tom, dick and harry in Ahenemma will side with us in entirely.

Jeezy: Before, do you remember the last time that we had to take a boy bitten by a snake to the emergency ward and also report late in the night to prepare for our exams on the next day?

Before: I do remember too. Anyway Lahahaha it has been a good experience.

We would like end here by thanking our house master, Mr. Michael Ntim and Mrs. Flornce Ampong for guiding as teachers and parents at the same time. We also thank our fellow students who form part of the ‘prefectorial’ board for their support. You should keep the fire burning and contine the good work done. May God bless us all.