Sarbah House Report

As the dying moon gives way for the dying sun, so as our predecessors left and pave way for the mantle of leadership to be taken over by us.

Enhancement of discipline as our aim was brought under control during of time of office with the help of our help of our housemaster and housemistress who were always around to supervise us.

As the saying goes “cleanliness is next to Godliness” cleanliness was our priority since we cannot achieve anything in a dirty environment, we were able to overcome challenges concerning cleaning of the environment with determination and hard work . Sarbah house can boast of the neatest house on campus because it is always first in terms of sanity

Sarbah house can boast as one the best houses when it comes to the field of sports by attaining first position in the inter-house football competition. Again when it comes to the field of entertainment is second to none. Sabarians as the house is well known can boast as one of the best houses in terms of entertainment first positions in the dance & rap battle and second in inter-house drama competition.

The house moreover made certain developments which needs to be mentioned these include; renovation of the house with the commencement of flower planting.

As we all know life without challenges is said to be like “Tundra without a driver”

Many were the challenges we faced when we were relocated to the new boys dormitory by the grace of God, we sail “our tundra had a chief driver”

We thank God for our successful term in office, also to our housemaster and mistress we say God bless your happy marriage. To all sundry we shout a big thank you.

  1. Foriwaa Agnes (Main)
  2. Armah Alexander Azure (main)
  3. Normenyo Fabian Etse(Deputy)
  4. Quartey Sally Konadu (Deputy)